Case Studies

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Refrigerated reefer door Refurbishment

A long standing customer was experiencing refrigeration problems with their cold room as it was not refrigerating efficiently, inadequately secured and the door was in minor dis-repair.

As the customer could not afford to replace the door, the most cost-effective way to solve the problem was to perform a refurbishment.


It began by removing the original door from the unit and deconstructing the original door to the point where we were left solely with the original door panel. We then cleaned down the panel as best as possible, ready to rebuild the door. 

The refrigerated panels were cut to size and held together with a rachet strap which helps the special glue take a good hold. G-clamps are used to keep the metal trim in place (under the blue protection cover) until the adhesive sets.

Refrigerated door refurbishment with G clamp.jpg
Refrigerated door refurbishment 6.jpg

Once all the adhesive is set, the G-clamps are removed along with the blue protective cover (on the metal).

Rivets are added for extra strength, which also creates a better bond between the panel, adhesive and the metal frame. Then the door handles and hinges are added ready to hang.

The cleaned panel was then added within a new aluminium door frame complete with a new door handle and a new man trap button.

The project was completed from start to finish in 5 days and resulted in the unit refrigerating efficiently, being secure and looking tidier, which helped the customer reduce energy costs and meet health and safety refrigeration standards.

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